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Israel's Finest

Israel's Finest

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Enjoy a culinary journey through the flavors of Israel with our carefully curated gift box. Inside, you'll find:

  1. Fine White Wine: Savor the exquisite taste of Israel's renowned white wine, a perfect complement to any festive occasion- Teperberg winery.

  2. Olive Oil: Experience the rich and distinctive flavors of locally sourced olive oil, a staple of Mediterranean cuisine, adding depth to your culinary creations.

  3. Silan: Delight your taste buds with the sweet, golden goodness of silan, a traditional Middle Eastern delicacy made from pure dates, perfect for adding a touch of sweetness to your dishes.

  4. Haroset for the Seder: Prepare for Passover with a special haroset blend, meticulously crafted to honor tradition and elevate your Seder table experience.

  5. Haggadah from "Enosh": Enrich your Passover celebration with a meaningful touch. Our gift box includes a Haggadah from "Enosh", a house dedicated to empowering and employing individuals with mental disabilities, symbolizing inclusion, diversity, and the spirit of community.

Each item in this gift box is carefully selected to reflect the finest quality and authentic taste of Israel, making it the perfect choice for gifting or indulging in the beauty of Israeli culture.

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